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    Cervical Artificial Insemination In Sheep

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    Cervical AI Allows a Ram To Be Mated With 20-40 Ewes On a Given Day.

    The process is currently limited to fresh semen and is reliant on semen of a motility score 4 or 5 being available on the day. Ewes are synchronised using sponges and PMSG (these must be obtained from your veterinary practice).
    Conception rates of 65-75% are common, with some flocks having achieved +90% in the past, but are highly dependent on the quality and volumes of semen available on the day.
    The process is quick and causes little stress to the ewe, but does require the ram to give multiple samples for insemination. Ewes are inseminated 52-58 hours post sponge removal and a schedule will be issued to you in advance of your AI day.

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    The Major Benefits of Cervical AI Are:

    • Rams that are shared across various flocks, can cover a higher number of ewes than would be possible naturally
    • Ewes that do repeat to Cervical AI tend to do so on the first cycle, leaving a compact lambing
    • Cervical is considerably cheaper than other AI methods, which makes it a viable option for commercial and pedigree sheep breeders


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